Learning Resource Associates (LRA) is a subsidiary of Excel Professional Services Limited; a management consulting firm with a clear focus on assisting organisations and business enterprises achieve breakthrough performance, while remaining compliant and socially responsible. LRA is built on the fundamental truth that people make all the difference in any organisation. For an organisation to excel and deliver on its mandate, it must invest in developing the capacity of its people and creating the right environment for them to flourish.

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Our Vision

To create a one-stop centre for the generation, acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and ideas, available to organisations for developing their human capital and realising their potentials.


Our Mission

To work with our clients to create in their organisations a culture of life-long learning that places premium on the total development of the talents, capabilities and creativity of their people.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Flawless customer service
  • Authenticity

Our Corporate Objectives

Our corporate objectives are to:

  • Provide training programmes that meet the needs of our people for growth and performance improvement.
  • Provide knowledge management services, including the design and installation of policies, procedures and other infrastructure for the acquisition, storage, retrieval and sharing of proprietary information generated by the organisation in the normal course of its business.
  • Provide project management services to our clients to enable them derive optimal value from their intellectual events like graduate recruitment tests, staff promotion examinations, in-house seminars, strategic retreats, public lectures etc.
  • Conduct research and publish monographs, journals, books and other materials that could advance knowledge and promote best practices in the management of organisations.
  • Provide instructional materials, teaching aids and other infrastructure that supports the acquisition of knowledge and the generation of ideas for the efficient management of corporate organizations.