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August 18-29, 2014:: An international Training titled "Developing Management Competencies For Superior Performance", 2 weeks, in Maryland, USA
August 18-29,2014:: An international Training titled "Leading High Performance Teams", 2 weeks, in Maryland, USA
October 13-24, 2014:: An international Training titled "Managing Public Relations for Strategic Edge", in Maryland USA....
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Excel Professional Services (EPS) was established to provide world-class management consulting support to business enterprises, as they seek to develop their capacities in the three critical areas of strategy, leadership and governance. EPS is built around the concept that no business can excel in its chosen field, except it gets its strategy, leadership and governance right.

Learning Resource Associates (LRA) is the arm of Excel Professional Services Limited devoted to the provision of first-class training and manpower development services to support the growth and developmental aspirations of leading organisations in Nigeria.